Off-sites that Kick ass

Is team cohesion more critical than ever to you?

Your top lieutenants must work together for your business to succeed, but they rarely meet face-to-face.

People at high-trust companies report 50% higher productivity and 40% less burnout than peers at low-trust companies (Harvard Business Review).

Companies that foster psychological confidence have employees who report problems faster and are more willing to try new things to advance the business (Accenture).

team cohesion

The average company wastes 8 hours per employee per week due to miscommunication. (Harris) That adds up to 400 hours per employee lost annually.

With the stakes so high for your off-site, it’s time to leave the hotel's “bored room” and get some fresh air.

Battlefields are potent venues for an unforgettable event

When you get people out of their comfort zones and into a historical event, they gain a shared experience that:

Reduces defensiveness and opens their minds to new ideas

Strengthens relationships so vital for trust

Powers communication, collaboration, and co-creation.

Increases their willingness to innovate to advance your goals.

I’ve taken hundreds of leaders to American and European battlefields to accelerate their growth

As a retired Army Colonel, I’ve had the unique opportunity to lead soldiers in peacetime and combat and advise 4-star generals and cabinet-level secretaries on policy and strategy.

As a Consultant, I’ve shortened the paths to success for CEOs, NFL coaches, senior government executives, military leaders, and other consultants. My private sector clients have growth by well over $100m and counting.

As a strategic thinker and doer, I’ve got a Ph.D. in war studies, led 800 troops in a historic 450-day combat deployment, motivated a large Afghan insurgent group to switch sides, and served as the Secretary of Defense’s personal representative in peace talks.

All of this helps me to:


Use colorful stories from the battles to help you frame the leadership, culture, and decision-making challenges and opportunities facing you.


Provide practical tools to address these challenges and opportunities.


Deliver conscious processes so you can teach others, evaluate their execution, and improve their performance.

Here are some outcomes my clients typically achieve:


Communicate compelling guidance, standards, and expectations that improve performance and reduce wasted time.


Gain buy-in for your standards, new ideas, and innovations


Use Feed Forward to boost accountability so employees improve future performance.


Custom-fit roles to people and set up your newly promoted employees for success.


Make better decisions faster, especially when under duress.


Manage risk and exploit opportunities.


Increase "upstream thinking" so you can reduce crisis management.


Build enduring trust, mutual respect, and cooperation among your senior leader participants.


The explicit leadership tools and processes that you can teach, evaluate, and improve so you can dividends for years.

Here’s what people are saying:

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About your Antietam & Gettysburg Experience

You’ll gain practical stories and tools where the history happened. Among the topics we typically discuss:


You’ll draw practical insights from the bloodiest day in American history. A strategic turning point, the battle prompted President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and convinced European powers to stay out of the war. Decision-making errors, poor accountability, and personality frictions led Union General George B. McClellan to miss opportunities for a decisive victory.

General Robert E. Lee used volatility as an offensive weapon on the Confederate side, confusing McClellan and battling to a stalemate despite being vastly outnumbered. Technology, innovation, discipline, and buy-in combined in displays of extraordinary courage and staggering carnage.


You’ll spend the second day at the largest battle ever in the Western Hemisphere. The Confederacy reached its high water mark; their loss at Gettysburg made their ultimate defeat a matter of time. Poor discipline, inadequate communication, and Lee’s complacency led to squandered opportunities on Days 1 and 2 and the disastrous Pickett’s charge on Day 3.

The Union Army’s outstanding teamwork, discipline, and communication clarity created huge advantages in decision-making and initiative. Valiant Union stands, such as at Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge, show the power of simplicity, buy-in, and innovation.

How the experience works

You and your leadership team come to this event with a list of challenges you want to discuss. I curate battlefield stories and use them in conjunction with potent visuals so you get a conscious process and action steps to address each issue.

2.5 days: A day at each battlefield, plus a ½ day workshop to create actions that get results.

You’ll stay at a terrific hotel, dine at superb restaurants, and travel in a luxury coach or SUV

Follow-up seminars with me to support the implementation of your action steps.

My guarantee

100% of your attendees walk away with new thinking, tools and skills to improve themselves, their teams, and your company.

I only do 6 per year

Contact me at to schedule an event for your organization or join the one open enrollment opportunity per year.

What if you’d like a different battlefield or historical venue?

That’s no problem. I’ve facilitated offsites at many American and European battlefields and national parks. We’ll pick the one that works best for you.

You know the cost of a boring offsite:


Wasted time and money


Bored and distracted participants


Lost opportunities to strengthen trust and improve performance


No action steps, no follow-up, no accountability.

A great offsite will:


Get people out of their comfort zones and into the fresh air


Opens minds to new ideas and willingness to innovate


Build trust and strengthen relationships that boost performance.


Speed collaboration and co-creation


Boost retention because your top employees value the investment you are making in them and your company.


Provide explicit tools and processes that strengthen communication and performance.