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Leading in an AI World: 4 Ways to Repair the Trust Crisis

Have you considered how AI will affect relationships in your workplace? If not, it’s time to get ahead of the curve. Information technology provides massive benefits to society and your business, but its misuse has damaged relationships and created a trust crisis.  Is that person really working all of those hours? Is that “Hey Chris” […]

McCarthy’s ouster shows that Americans can find common ground

Getting people to find common ground seems more challenging these days, given 24-hour cable news, social media outrage, and polarization.  These challenges can also enter the workplace, creating obstacles to buy-in, innovation, and change. If you are experiencing similar frustrations getting people on board with new ideas, the recent U.S. House of Representatives drama can […]

In an AI-informed company, the one who knows Why will replace the ones who know How. Here are 5 things you need to know.

Have you experimented with AI chatbots like ChatGPT? If you are like me, you probably were awed by their ability to crank out information, produce analyses, and generate content. After further use, you likely perceived some implicit biases, basic errors, and odd phrases.  AI isn’t perfect, but it’s here to stay. The question for leaders […]

Constructive Criticism Often Isn’t: Do This Instead

Providing and receiving feedback ranks among the workplace’s most anxiety-producing conversations. Here’s how to avoid awkwardness while helping people improve. According to a Harris poll, sixty-nine percent of managers fear communicating with their employees. Providing feedback is the #1 most dreaded conversation. A Gallup poll suggests that most people want feedback but only 26 percent […]

Save $2000 – Don’t miss out!

Friday, September 15th is the day! It’s your last chance to register for Expert Consulting Mastery and save $2000. Are you ready? This program is for you if you: If some part of the process is not working for you, here’s my promise and guarantee: I’ll work with you until it does – at no […]

What Oppenheimer and Civil War artillery tell us about agency

Oppenheimer, the movie, was riveting, and I highly recommend it. J. Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist in charge of America’s Manhattan Project during World War Two, had qualms about creating the atomic bomb. It was a weapon of mass destruction that would incinerate tens of thousands instantly and condemn more to slow, agonizing deaths. The […]