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Get 1% better, daily, and you’ll be twice as good in under 90 days

Great leaders inspire people to contribute their best

Your leadership is your legacy


Create sustainable, repeatable, success that matters to your family, employees, and community.


Gain candid advice from a trusted adviser so you avoid thinking too small, making expensive errors, and suffering self-sabotage


Use the power of simplicity to gain clarity, improve employee buy-in, and strengthen accountability.

I don't just care about your business. I care about you.


Scores of delighted clients, from Cabinet level secretaries and 4-star generals to NFL coaches, CEOs and consultants.


More than $60 million in client growth and counting.


Leaders have gotten their lives back with more time to think, support priorities outside of work, and spend with loved ones

Discipline is destiny. You grow when you are uncomfortable. Get a partner who wants you to succeed, tells you the truth, and builds your capacity to soar to new heights.


We set your goals and actions plans; you get the advice and tools you need to succeed. I’ve got your back.


We co-create a project that addresses your vital challenges and opportunities so you have the leaders, culture, and strategy that win.


Develop powerful leadership, culture, and decision-making habits based on simple, timeless, ideas that you can replicate throughout your company.


Test-drive my simple, executable thought-leadership during a keynote, workshop, or special event.

Create powerful value for those who matter most.

A leader’s job today is challenging, even when you have leadership experience as a veteran. You face increased volatility and uncertainty, a war for talent, mental health crises, and raging social and political divisiveness.

You have to set a clear direction, make sound decisions, gain the right talent, get everyone rowing harmoniously, and inspire people to contribute their best.

With the right vision, support, and habits, you’ll create a uniquely meaningful, profitable, and joyful workplace.

How it works


Discuss your situation


Get a simple, right-fit approach



Your leadership skills are infinitely upgradable

There's no limit to your growth. Do you want to be a leader who gets better every day?

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