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Like most leaders, you have intuitive processes for working with people, making decisions, building your culture, thinking strategically, and managing conflict. These work pretty well most of the time.

The challenge is that you cannot teach, evaluate, or improve an intuitive process. So, you may get frustrated when one of your direct reports cannot replicate what you do, and your direct report is discouraged that you expect mindreading.

You solve problems like this with explicit processes, which you will receive via my weekly newsletter and in the videos and life sessions you'll gain access to when you join my Circle of Influence.

I’ve been a trusted advisor to cabinet-level secretaries, four-star generals, NFL coaches, CEOs, and business, government, and nonprofit leaders because I create explicit processes that help inspire people to contribute their best to your organization's success.

By a very conservative estimate, my business and nonprofit clients have grown by over $60 million over the past ten years.

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