Trusted Adviser Program

Great leadership is a journey, not a destination. The most admired leaders Get Good at Getting Better.


The Trusted Adviser program is catalytic coaching for executives who are looking to lead as their best selves, boost performance and accountability, spend more time on growth and less time supervising routine tasks, and make better decisions amidst turbulence and uncertainty.

You meet with me privately by zoom or phone for regularly scheduled sessions to set goals, remove roadblocks, overcome obstacles, and develop action steps that get results. Additional support is available via unlimited calls, emails, or other means in between your regularly scheduled sessions.

Once you sign up for the program we co-create a game plan that includes your quarterly goals, action steps to meet them, and the right meeting frequency.


Here is a partial list of results my clients typically gain:


Lead with authentic self-awareness so that you lead as your best self and prune away what holds you back.


Clarify your performance and behavioral expectations so that you can hold people accountable for results without feeling like a jerk.


Inspire your employees to contribute their best to your team's success.


Set and maintain clear priorities so that your time, talent, and energy have the highest impact.


Get the right people in the right roles doing the right things so that you boost productivity 2X - 3X and plug the drain on employee turnover.


Make pivotal decisions amidst turbulence and uncertainty so that you can innovate and lead change while avoiding expensive mistakes.


Gain peace of mind to focus on strategy and growth because your team is committed to achieving shared goals within a winning culture.

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