Achieve big goals, simply

Leadership X Culture X Strategy = Durable Success

1mm adjustments to vital matters unleash your organization’s performance.

You are exceptionally skilled, selected great employees, and have a valuable product or service, but things don’t work together quite right.

You don’t need to upend your business. You need the subtle changes that take away the pain and make things work together correctly.

If you want to achieve big goals, your key leaders need the right fine tuning to propel your company to new heights.

Consulting that helps CEOs achieve big goals in the simplest way possible.

Your leadership, culture, and strategy are infinitely upgradable. Improve the quality of leadership across your organization so that you promote innovation, recruit and retain right-fit talent, and make the pivotal decisions that grow your business.

I work with you at the intersection of leadership, culture, and strategy. When you focus on the big 3, you get extraordinary results.

Getting good at getting better is vital for durable success.

Stop Getting Bent out of Shape by Experts

Too many organizations hire leadership consultants who pull you in one direction, culture gurus who push you in another, and strategists who plan you into a third.

Incoherence is the result. The whole is less than the sum of its parts.

When you get all three working together, you:


Get everyone rowing in the same direction and cadence. Work gets easier when all oars are in the water and no one’s putting holes in the boat.


Avoid the confusion and miscommunication that costs the average company a day per employee per week.


Make pivotal decisions at the right time to seize opportunities and reduce risk as you grow.


Create an adaptable strategy fit for volatile markets.

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Leadership, Culture, and Strategy are the foundations of your success.

You need all three in place, working together.


Leadership and Culture without Strategy puts you in the hamster wheel of activity without progress.


Leadership and Strategy without Culture makes you lose traction, so you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.


Culture and Strategy without Leadership leaves people feeling rudderless and adrift.

Chris Kolenda is a uniquely qualified consultant who can help you integrate Leadership, Culture, and Strategy


Led 800 paratroopers in the Afghanistan war’s most successful campaign.

★ ★ ★ ★

Served as a trusted advisor to 4-star generals, NFL coaches, cabinet-level officials, and CEOs.


Helped his clients grow by over $100m and counting.

When we work together, you'll simplify and add depth, so you implement consistently and successfully.

  • Shallow Simplicity is a false promise, like snake oil.
  • Shallow & Complicated is unimplementable, like extracting business lessons from walking over hot coals.
  • Deep and Complicated creates confusion, imagine trying to implement Foucault!

Simplicity and Depth is easy to understand, implementable, and adaptable.

The best leaders innovate continuously along the 3 Ps:

People, Processes, and Products.

You’ve got the products and services. I can help you with your people and processes.

Successful CEOs come to me when they want to make the 1mm adjustments in Leadership, Culture, and Strategy that lead to durable success:


Elevate their subordinate leaders capacity (Becoming a WHY? Leader®)


Build an Inspiring Culture®


Improve decision-making, and


Develop a successful, repeatable strategy process (the 5-D Strategy Process®).

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