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Antietam & Gettysburg

Look at your business from a new point of view to turbocharge your year in just 4 days


Gain new perspectives on how to be a great leader while walking the Sicily battlefield over the course of 6 days

The Hudson Valley in the Revolution focuses on people-centric innovation. We’ll travel to Fort Ticonderoga on beautiful Lake Champlain, the famous Saratoga battlefield, the majestic garrison at West Point, and the Stony Point battlefield. Most threats to an organization’s success come from within, and this challenge was true for the Continental Army. We’ll use the history to discuss practical ways to address toxic workplace behaviors, engage and retain your top talent, inspire people to contribute their best to your team’s success, and many others. You’ll build new thought leadership that will be game-changers for your clients and employees.

Fort Ticonderoga

Learn how to become a leader like George Washington & Benedict Arnold on Lake Champlain

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