Erik Kober

Certified Consultant

Erik Kober

Erik Kober

Founder, Kober Strategic Leader Consulting

Erik specializes in working with restaurants and small businesses.

Erik Kober, a fully-certified Strategic Leaders Academy consultant, helps restaurateurs grow their businesses sustainably. He does this by working with you to get the 3 BIG things right: Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. Like the legs of a stool, you need all three in place and aligned so your restaurant can have a stable platform for growth.

Quality restaurants fail all the time. According to a 2005 Ohio State study, one out of three restaurants fail in their first year. The same study observed that in addition to these failures, on average, ownership turned over in one out of two restaurants within the first three years.  These numbers tell us that sustainable growth takes more than great food and service —it requires trustworthy leadership, a winning culture, and an agile strategy. Erik brings his unique combination of training, leadership experience and strategic insight to his passion for the quick-service industry to help you achieve your goals cost-effectively.

Areas of Specialization

  • Restaurants
  • Small Businesses


As a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, with over 23 years of military experience, Erik understands the importance of service.  After a distinguished military career serving as an Attack Helicopter Pilot, commanding troops from the Platoon to Battalion level, and as a strategic planner, Erik is proud to continue to serve those who serve.

Kober Strategic Leader Consulting LLC is a franchise of Kolenda Strategic Leaders Academy®  (SLA), and offers a wide array of time-tested habits, tools, processes, and content to help you achieve the sustainable growth you have been fighting for!

Leading Well

In this short book, you’ll learn how to master the six habits that inspire people to contribute their best to your company’s success.


“What has always struck me about Erik is his desire to help people. He cares, he listens, and he finds ways to support the needs of his clients — to help them solve their problems and grow. That’s why he is such a great fit for SLA. I am so happy to have Erik as one of our business owners. He’s a person who makes a difference for others. I love his approach on serving those who serve.”

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