Afghans wake up to new world as Taliban take Kabul

As I write this memo, Afghanistan is in a complete meltdown. Leaders abandoned the people long ago through corruption. Now the soldiers and people abandoned their leaders and voted with their feet for a Taliban takeover.

afghanistan is in complete meltdown

I’m worried sick about my Afghan friends who supported us as interpreters, workers on the bases, and volunteers. I’ve been writing letters to support their Special Immigrant Visa applications, but the speed of the meltdown will strand many of them. Would you please keep these kind people in your prayers?

As a professional consultant, my responsibility is to help you be better off so that when we part ways, you soar to greater heights rather than crash and burn.

The United States appears to have done the opposite with the Afghan security forces, which collapsed in the face of a determined Taliban offensive. Creating such dependency is strategic malpractice.


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