Chris Kolenda: Save $2000

Save $2000 – Don’t miss out!

Friday, September 15th is the day! It’s your last chance to register for Expert Consulting Mastery and save $2000. Are you ready?

This program is for you if you:

  • Earn $100,000 in revenue and want to grow beyond $250k without increasing your workload;
  • Are coachable and have an open mind;
  • Have an abundance mentality and like to share ideas with others;
  • Are willing to try new things.

If some part of the process is not working for you, here’s my promise and guarantee: I’ll work with you until it does – at no additional charge.

This program is exclusively for veterans and immediate family members who want to grow their already successful coaching or consulting business.

Schedule a call if that sounds like you, so we can decide if Expert Consulting Mastery is right for you.

You will only be accepted into the program if I am 100% certain you will succeed.  Let’s talk, there’s no downside to this conversation.

P.S. 100 percent of the people who have previously participated in this program and who have implemented each step of the process have been successful. Most find the program pays for itself in the first few weeks.

Interested in learning more about Expert Consulting Mastery? Register for my “Profitable Practice” webinar on September 20, 2023.

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