The 3 Foundations of Elite Performance

Sustainable excellence requires you to have moderate talent plus discipline and a willingness to work, a support network that helps you stay at your best, and elite advisers who push you to reach new heights.

Milwaukee hosted the junior national speed skating championships this weekend. I attended because my friend’s child competed, and I love watching elite performers in their element.

Short-track speed skating is intense. Athletes race on narrow blades, skate close together and have razor-thin margins of error. You have to maintain the proper body position, pass precisely, and maintain awareness of the other skaters. We saw several wipe-outs, and thankfully, no one was hurt.

My friend’s teenager, who’s a joy to be around, swept the events and became this year’s top American junior national skater.

I asked what it takes to become a top athlete and sustain excellence over time. After all, plenty of people reach the top for a moment and then flame out. Many of the most talented people seem unable to break out of the pack. What does it take to get and stay on top?

My friend said it takes a moderately talented, disciplined athlete, parents eager to support them, and a terrific coach who can bring out the athlete’s best.

Two out of three, she said, were not good enough. A talented athlete who has supportive parents but a poor or abusive coach will never become the best they can be. Unsupportive or badgering parents will ruin the sport and drive even the most disciplined and best-coached athlete to quit. Lack of discipline or dedication will keep even the best coached and supported athlete mediocre. As a trusted adviser to elite performers and organizations, I find her principles equally applicable to business.

Sustainable excellence requires you to have moderate talent plus discipline and a willingness to work, a support network that helps you stay at your best, and elite advisers who push you to reach new heights.

If you don’t put in the work, even the best peers and coaches aren’t going to create miracles for you. Disciple and great coaching can come undone if you have associates dragging you down, nay-saying, and trauma-dumping. Failure to invest in elite advisory support means you won’t grow and innovate enough to stay on top.

Where are you in the discipline — peer-group — trusted adviser Venn diagram? You’ve got the talent and work ethic. What steps will you take, what excuses will you put aside to get the other two working for you?

Reaching Elite Performance

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