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The Second Secret to Owning a Successful Business: Culture

The Second Secret to Owning a Successful Business:  CULTURE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. As I highlighted in “The Secret to Success in Owning a Business,” the special sauce to having a successful restaurant, small business, or non-profit resides in three simple, but profound ideas: Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. Last time we focused on leadership, the ring leader.  […]

The Secret to Owning a Successful Business: Leadership

The Secret to Owning a Successful Business: LEADERSHIP SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Sustainable Growth, the cornerstone of any successful restaurant or business, rests on the shoulders of three profound elements: Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. In this article, we’ll focus on Leadership. LEADERSHIP What is Leadership? Countless volumes of books, articles, podcasts, blogs, and conferences do their best to […]

Why Help the Restaurateur?

Why Help the Restaurateur? Serving those who serve Why am I passionate about helping the restauranteur?  After serving in the military for 23 years, why would I now choose to work with restaurateurs and quick-service franchisees?  The answer is quite simple: I want to continue to serve by serving those who serve!  Can you think […]

Eat More Chicken

A Veteran’s Observations of Army-Navy 2018…Eat more Chicken Thank you, Chick-fil-a! It’s always one of the first Saturdays in December. While the stadium might change occasionally (88 of 119 have been in Philadelphia), it is also almost always a blustery-cold winter day. A few other things are also always a constant. The Naval Academy’s Midshipmen […]