Leading the Middle – Are you a Hippo or an Elephant?

Are you hippo-like with a large mouth and little ears? Are you aggressive and searching for prey?

Leading the Middle
Or are you more elephant-like with a little mouth and large ears? Are you intelligent, friendly, and others like having you around? Ever notice how they use their trunk to lift others or nudge something along?
How does your Team see you? The chances are that you are a little bit of both.  
Think about the last time you grew impatient, was accusatory, and chose not to listen. Hippo.
Instead, be patient, curious, and listen. Elephant. Use those big ears for good.
Pause and think before talking, ask clarifying questions, and focus on what the other person is saying; create dialogue.
You are strong and powerful but know how and when to use it for the common good.
Lift others more and nudge those who need a push.
Listen more, talk less.
Thanks to Antonio Rodríguez Martínez for the conversation and inspiration!

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