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Leading in the Middle: Assessing your Team

Imagine the candid conversations you can have where you focus on the employee, and the team. Okay, leaders, you are wrapping another year. It was a challenging year filled with hybrid work adaptation, vaccinate or not, economic uncertainty, the great resignation, and the continued fight for social justice. With that backdrop, how do you feel? […]

2021: A Challenging Year in Reflection

Leading the Middle -2021 – A year in Reflection Thank you for connecting, sharing your perspectives, thoughts, and experiences. I learned more about leadership, people, and myself than I ever expected. I am filled with gratitude because of you and the experience. I am especially grateful to my friend Aaron who passed earlier this year. […]

What did your Habits do for you Today?

You wake up, go through the morning routine, and off to work you go; habits abound. When do you exercise and focus on your health? Do you read in the morning? You arrive at the office, log on, get your coffee, and do you. In your first meeting or phone call, you repeat the familiar […]

Leading the Middle – Give Trust, Earn Trust

Imagine that you must travel for a work assignment. The Uber driver arrives at your house, and you get in the car with your luggage. You arrive at the airport, drop your bags with a skycap, greet the flight attendant, and say hello to the pilot. You settle in for a flight, having granted trust […]

Whether you are a Mid-Leader, a CEO or senior executive, or an early career professional, here are powerful lessons from my friend Aaron and my time, so far, at the BKG

Leading the Middle – Powerful Lessons from the Bloody Knuckles Garage Earlier this year, my friend and former colleague Aaron told me he was sick. He never said the word cancer, but his treatment and prognosis revealed the battle he was fighting. He said Miracle Max would have to pull off a big one. COVID […]

Leading the Middle – Are you a Hippo or an Elephant?

Are you hippo-like with a large mouth and little ears? Are you aggressive and searching for prey? Leading the Middle Or are you more elephant-like with a little mouth and large ears? Are you intelligent, friendly, and others like having you around? Ever notice how they use their trunk to lift others or nudge something along? How […]

Team Resilience

As I wrapped up my stay in Colorado, resilience kept revealing itself. I treasure my talks with my 91-year dad who attributes his resilience to habits of walking, laughing, and worrying less. I spent time in my old neighborhood where I first developed a sense of Team and it has served me well. I’ve been […]