Queen Elizabeth II shows that most assumptions about Leadership are Wrong

Queen Elizabeth II demonstrated that leadership is not about your chromosomes, personality, hardwiring, or credentials. It’s about how you behave. Full stop.

Queen Elizabeth

Hundreds of thousands of Britons lined London streets and countryside thoroughfares leading to Windsor castle. They tossed flowers, offered prayers, and paid respects as Queen Elizabeth II journeyed to her eternal resting place.

They arrived voluntarily. No coercion, no gimmicks. People showed up on their own.

I’ll be on a newsletter hiatus during the Fallen Hero Honor Ride, which begins on September 25th in Spalding, Nebraska, and ends on October 22nd at Arlington National Cemetery.

The journey begins at Chris Pfeifer‘s gravesite fifteen years to the day he died of wounds. His daughter was born two days later. I am grateful that Chris’s parents, widow, and daughter will be there.

The 1700-mile bicycle journey raises funds for the Saber Six Foundation, which supports our 800 paratroopers and their families who need help.

I’ll post updates, leadership insights, and the inevitable hard knocks throughout the journey to help you build resilience, increase your arsenal of good leadership behaviors, and gain healthy doses of laughter, remembrance, and gratitude.

If you’d like to support this cause and receive these updates, please donate any amount that brings you joy. You can use this linkauctria.events/DonationsFallenHeroHonorRide.

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