Chris Kolenda: Why you have to apply for Expert Consulting Mastery.

Why you have to apply for Expert Consulting Mastery

You likely have never been asked to apply for a coaching program before. Allow me to explain why I do this FOR you. 

The right fit matters when it comes to doing deep work. In Expert Consulting Mastery, I want your experience to be as joyful and meaningful as possible and for you to be surrounded by like-minded people. When you’re part of our community, you’ll be surrounded by other veterans who are serious about growing just like you are.

The application process ensures that each participant is able to extract and contribute the maximum value from this program.

Wondering if you should apply? Here’s some of what I’m looking for from you:

  • You earn $100,000 in revenue and want to grow beyond $250k without increasing your workload;
  • You are coachable and have an open mind;
  • You have an abundance mentality and like to share ideas with others;
  • You are willing to try new things.

As you experienced in the military, standards are vital for success. You need to have standards for your clients so that you attract people who you believe will succeed, that you cheer for, and who are a joy to work with. 

You’ll find we have standards you can get behind in this program too.

Here’s why you should apply:

  • You gain a proven process that accelerates and simplifies your business so you get better revenues at less work and zero frustration.
  • You get an accountability partner who wants what’s best for you and is willing to tell you the truth.
  • You have lifetime access to the materials.
  • You create relationships with like-minded peers who share insights and support.
  • You get my promise and guarantee: if something is not working for you, I’ll work with you until it does – at no additional charge.

Participants in my programs build strong connections quickly and support each other long after the program finishes. 

Having the right people around you shortens your path to success.

If this program sounds like a good fit for you, schedule a call with me. There’s no downside and a massive potential upside.

Are you interested in learning more about Expert Consulting Mastery? Register for my September 20, 2023 webinar.

P.S. 100 percent of the people who have previously participated in this program and who have implemented each step of the process have been successful. Most find the program pays for itself in the first few weeks.

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