Chris Kolenda: 21 Days until Expert Consulting Mastery Begins

21 Days until Expert Consulting Mastery Begins: Price Goes Up Next Week

Would you like a 10x return? One mid-size client pays for your investment ten times over.

When you participate in this program, you will scale your business in ways you never imagined because you become someone new – an expert consultant who is significantly better at being an expert consultant.

I don’t mean a little better. 

You become significantly better because you approach business development with confidence. 

You let go of the low-fee, high-maintenance clients that consume your time and energy. 

You attract high-fee, highly engaged clients, who respect and value your time and energy. It’s like deep sea fishing where the marlins are biting.  These clients are a joy to work with and happily pay your fee because they recognize the value you provide them.

Let’s contrast the significant differences between wrong-fit and right-fit clients, and how making this one change can help make your business more meaningful, joyful, and profitable.

For example, if you charge hourly rates for wrong-fit clients, you are most likely:

  • In a lower-fee race to the bottom with people who provide a fraction of your value;
  • Working long hours with high-maintenance clients to gain the income you want, which robs you of time for other priorities;
  • Leaving your client wondering if you are bilking them.

When you find the right fit clients, you will:

  • Charge higher fees based on the value you provide – your clients appreciate a partner who gives them a massive return on investment.
  • Solve problems more quickly, which delights your clients and reduces your workload.
  • Strengthen your relationships because your clients know you want what is best for them, instead of what increases your billable hours. 

If you’re interested in doing this work together, I want to remind you that the extra early bird pricing is only available until September 30th.  You’ll save $1000 when you act now.  Email me, fill out a brief application, and let’s discuss how this program will benefit you and your business.

If this program helps you gain one additional mid-sized client, you will gain a ten-fold return on your investment.

If some part of the process is not working for you, here’s my promise and guarantee: I’ll work with you until it does – at no additional charge.

P.S. Want to read all the details about Expert Consulting Mastery?

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