Chris Kolenda: Less Time, Better Results. What People Say About Expert Consulting Mastery

Less Time, Better Results. What People Say About Expert Consulting Mastery

Joan (not her real name), a gifted leadership coach, was at her wit’s end. Her firm emphasized cold-calling to get people to buy leadership training programs. She was extremely uncomfortable. The awkward and frustrating conversations never led to a sale and often damaged existing relationships. She wasn’t making any money. 

CEO coaching and consulting are high-trust, high-touch endeavors. People need to know that you understand their needs and that you’ve got their backs before you can broach ways to help them. I learned this lesson the hard way, too.

Joan started working with me on this approach during the Expert Consulting Mastery program. She rehearsed it several times with me before talking with prospects. She got immediate results and boosted her business to six figures from nearly zero revenues.

“This approach feels good and natural to me,” she reflected. The conversations were joyful and consistently led to working together. She gets referrals from delighted customers, which boosts her business. She never cold-called again.

Business development is the Achilles heel of many veteran coaching and consulting businesses. 

Positioning, prospecting, marketing, and sales can feel overwhelming and daunting for many people.  When you learn how to perform these skills in line with your values and standards, you will find that they become a joyful part of your business and incredibly effective. This is exactly what we do in Expert Consulting Mastery. 

When you fall into the trap of riding your Rolodex for a year or two and fail to focus on long-term business development, you’re destined to struggle once the people who knew you in your previous capacity have moved on.  This can cause your early wins to nosedive quickly. I learned that lesson the hard way, too.

When you have a method to identify the people you want to help, find them, and meet them where they are, and you do so consistently, your business will succeed sustainably. 

Here’s what some past participants have said about my Expert Consulting Mastery program: 

“Working with Chris has given me the skills, confidence, and accountability I needed to build a thriving business. I now approach business development with enthusiasm instead of trepidation.” – Lori Tompos, Lori Tompos consulting

“Spend less time, and get better results … I was able to apply as we were going and see results immediately.” – Kris Yagel, Founder, Diligent Plans

“This program’s clarity and focus resulted in more high-payoff work that we love and less wasted time and energy. We expect 33% growth to reach $100k in monthly revenues and expand from there.” – Matthew Hargrove and Barry Lingelbach, Black-Grey- Gold Consulting 

“I know exactly how to achieve my goals and deliver life-changing outcomes for my clients … and charge much more for the value I provide.” – Laura McKenna, Founder, Strength and Shield Coaching (Watch Laura’s video)

In case you’re wondering about the details of this program, here’s a quick recap for you.  You can read all the details here if you haven’t done so already.

This 9-week program gives you the process, guidance, and support to accelerate your business and create durable success.

100 percent of the people who’ve implemented each step of the process have been successful. Most find the program pays for itself in the first few weeks.

Each week you will watch videos (totalling about 30 minutes) and complete an assignment. You will meet with your group and me via Zoom to discuss your progress, answer any questions, and give you action steps that get results.

By the end of the program, you will have everything you need to move your consulting business from striving to thriving. 

If some part of the process is not working for you, here’s my promise and guarantee: I’ll work with you until it does – at no additional charge.

I’m very selective about who joins the program which is why admission is by-application-only. 

If you’d like to know more, send me an email, and I’ll send you a simple application.

We’ll discuss your business and see if Expert Consulting Mastery is right for you. I’ll give you action steps to move your business forward, whether or not you decide to take the next step.

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